'Arni' - Draxpark Flipendo
Owned by Jennie, Steve and Robert in Surrey

Hi, we are Jennie, Steve and Robert from Chessington in Surrey and have lived with a Giant Schnauzer since 1984. Arni is our third dog but the first with a full on tail. In June 2009 we lost our previous girl Safi and were contemplating a new puppy but realised that this would have a tail. So we had a trip to the Southern Counties show where we met Jim and Leslie and Frankie. They were so friendly and took time to talk to us and we were so impressed with Frankie that we decided to take on his son Arni.

Arni is his own man, a typical Giant, snout where it shouldn't be, always wanting to help (or hinder), lives on the sofa, knows when its meal times and time for his walk. He has abundant energy, a liking for sticks and Frisbees and has a tail which never stops wagging. When he knows he has been naughty (which is quite often) just the tip wags very slowly and you get the doleful look which says "it wasn't my fault"

Arni comes with us on frequent trips to France where he goes for runs in the forest, plays in the lake and has even been canoeing. Giants are not an easy breed but if you spend the time and effort the rewards are great, a loving loyal dog who brings much laughter.