'BooBoo' - Draxpark Yahoo Kalamazoo
Owned by Angie & Pete Lawrence in Weston Super Mare

Boo-Boo came into our lives in December 2009, when she was six months old. We had recently lost our giant schnauzer, Ginny, to illness and when I saw that Boo needed a new home I couldn't resist contacting Lesley and Jim to find out more.

We travelled to Hull from our home in Weston Super Mare and we were given the third degree by several large giants including her father Frank. We then met BooBoo and her sister Za Za who were very boisterous. She seemed a real live wire after Ginny who was eight years old! She came home with us that day and soon settled in to being the boss!

She has always been full of mischief and definitely has a mind of her own. When she went to dog training classes she always performed really well, and everyone said how good she was, but outside of class was a different matter. My family thought that I was exaggerating even though she achieved her kennel club puppy foundation and good citizen bronze certificates. She also won a trophy for being the most unusual breed in class. Since turning two we have noticed she has calmed down and does obey most commands - when she chooses too!

Boo is very good with our grandchildren and has to be involved with everything they do - she hates to be left out. Boo loves watching television, especially anything to do with animals. Her favourite is the Gruffalo and she knows exactly when the nut is going to drop or the fish leap. When we take her out for walks she is like a mad banshee charging here, there and everywhere exploring everything in sight. I think she does ten miles to our one! Boo obviously takes after her mother in this respect.

Pete and I are so glad that we found her, and are very grateful that Lesley and Jim allowed us to adopt her. Not a day goes past that she doesn't either make us laugh or despair with her antics, but we definitely wouldn't be without her.

Angie and Pete Lawrence
Weston Super Mare