'Dougal' Draxpark Gunpowder Plot
Owned by Michael, Sally & Jess in Cheshire

Hello, we are Sally and Michael Rennie from Cheshire.
Dougal is the latest addition to our Schnauzer family which also includes two Mini Schnauzers - Ziggy age 5 and Oscar age 3.
Although he has only been with us since November 2007 Dougal has quickly established a place in our hearts. He is a very loving dog who likes to be close to people and lies down across feet so he knows that his Mum, Dad or Sister Jess are close by.
Dougal has lots of energy and likes to play until he drops, which is not always appreciated by Ziggy & Oscar - especially if they are asleep when Dougal comes calling!
Dougal really enjoys puppy classes - he can take or leave the exercises, but never says no to the treats. He especially enjoys playtime at the end. He can't wait to get on the see-saw, through the hoop, over the A-frame and particularly likes the tunnels. He has even been known to forget about the queue.
Dougal attracts admiration wherever we go - we are always asked what kind of dog he is and complimented on how lovely he is. Doogy Schnauzer's best features are his beautiful coat, floppy ears (he keeps one inside out!) and long tail which never stops wagging.
Is he cheeky ? You bet - and prone to running off with anything he can grab, from wellingtons to my tea! Would we swap him for the world ? No chance!
Thanks to Lesley and Jim for their excellent website, prompt and detailed replies to our many questions and for helping us to choose the right pup.
Thanks to Doogy-Dougal-Doo for the joy and happiness he has brought us in such a short time.
Michael, Sally & Jess.