'Dylan' - Draxpark Kaboom Kaboom
Owned by John, Dawn & Charly in Nottingham

Hi, we are John, Dawn and Charly from Nottingham.

We got Dylan from Jim and Lesley in August 2009, having previously shared our house with a large and lively German Shepherd who passed away the previous year. Charly particularly missed the dog as she had never known life without one so we started looking for a new puppy early in 2009. We had first seen a Giant when one won Crufts in 2008 and after a bit more research into the breed decided it was just what we wanted.
We spoke to a couple of breeders and eventually found Jim and Lesley in the summer. Although it had taken a while the wait was definitely worth it. Jim and Lesley have been so helpful and all their dogs are a credit to them.

As for Dylan he has been everything we could have wanted in a family pet. From the beginning he has been a very lively character and has given us all many laughs. A very sociable dog, he is great with kids and loves Charly and all her school friends. He has many canine friends of all varieties and happily plays with them all in the local park.

One thing is for sure though and that is they need plenty of exercise. We walk Dylan all over the fields and he loves nothing better than spending an afternoon in the countryside chasing rabbits and birds. We regularly take him camping which he really enjoys and is so tired in the evenings he quite often takes himself off to bed! He always comes on holiday with us and loves the beach, whether digging big holes in the sand or playing with his favourite tennis ball.

Dylan has grown into a very handsome dog and always attracts admiring comments when we are out and about. People are sometimes a bit wary because he is such a large dog but he soon puts them at ease with his waggy tail and inquisitive nose. He is also quite a nosey dog and will spend time resting on the back of his chair looking out the lounge window at everything going on outside. (Especially when Charly is out playing)

Dylan has been an excellent addition to the family who all love him to bits and get lots of licks in return.