'Floyd' Draxpark Super Stishun
Owned by James & Odelle in West Yorkshire

Floyd is our first dog. Having grown up with Belgian Shepherds, German Shepherds, Border and Bearded Collies, and a dog of indeterminate breed, we felt we would be well qualified to care for a medium/large breed.

However, it has been a steep learning curve. We'll start with the negatives:

  • Don't underestimate the warnings about how stubborn and tough the breed can be. If they want to do something they will work out a solution (E.g. Floyd at 6 months, I want to get into the kitchen but there's a closed door. Hmm I know, I'll take a running jump at the handle, Success! Now, where are those chair legs?!)
  • You need waterproof surfaces that beard holds a lot of water
  • Say goodbye to the plants in your garden (all of them!)
  • Be prepared to never watch the television again - Floyd is rarely still and usually up to some mischief (but we think that's just a Floyd thing)

The positives:

  • Constant companionship (not always helpful we find his nose in everything from cake mix to cement!)
  • Laughter there has never been a day where Floyd hasn't done something funny (usually it's also very naughty, but look at that face!)
  • Improved physical fitness
  • The admiring glances when out for a walk together (it's certainly the dog getting the attention!)
  • Floyd is BRILLIANT with other dogs and children, but he can be a bit boisterous around toddlers (he seems to think they are an obstacle to jump over)

Floyd is extremely clever he can sit, stay, lie down, heel and walk off the lead at 6 months old. He can also choose to do none of the above and make his owners look incompetent (a favourite game!). However if you have a treat he'll do anything for anybody.

One difficulty we have found is that because he is black and tall most people think he's a standard adult. Consequently the other dog owners are very vocal about his lack of manners until you explain he's only a few months old, then all is forgiven!

Floyd has brought joy into our life and the help and support of Lesley and Jim has been amazing. The vet has never seen such an informative guide to owning a puppy, and of course the website, e-mails, telephone calls and visits have all been invaluable.

If you choose to get a Schnauzer you will not find breeders who offer more support or who care about their dogs as much as Lesley and Jim. We won't lie, it has not been easy, but we have never for a moment doubted that getting Floyd (aka handsome fella or little g*t!) was a great decision.

Odelle and James