'Gertie' and 'Lotte' - Draxpark Cheering Charm
Owned by Anne, Mark, Jasmine & Ethan in East Yorkshire


Gertie was our third schnauzer. Our first, Hilda was a standard, followed by Boris our mini so moving up to a giant was quite a new experience for us. In January 2009 we brought home a chunky little bundle of fun, who quickly grew into a massive bundle of fun! She was absolutely devoted to Boris, followed him everywhere and constantly pestered him to play. Gertie was always ready for a game of fetch with a ball and literally bounced around with joy, long tail wagging, she was not always so keen to hand over stolen pieces of underwear and socks!

Dogs are a big part of our life and we try to include them as much as possible, whether that be camping, at athletics events or just a day at the beach. When tragedy struck and Gertie was suddenly taken from us, the support and understanding we received from Jim and Lesley was unbelievable. So much so, that we now share our lives with Lotte.
Lotte is very full of energy and loves to play with other dogs. She likes to run just for the fun of it and loves to jump over the top of Boris. We have worked hard at socialising and training Lotte and as a result she is mostly well behaved and always a joy to be with. We live in Beverley, close to the Westwood pastures, and so take daily walks through the sheep, cattle, golfers and horses. The beach is not too far away; more of a paddler than a swimmer Lotte loves the feel of the sand under her feet.

Quickly finding a place in our hearts, Lotte is the centre of our family and admired by everyone she meets. Our two children, Jasmine 16 and Ethan 13 (who incidentally has always been favoured by Lotte since day one) are large enough themselves to handle her boisterous nature; in fact Jasmine and Lotte passed the Kennel Club Bronze Citizen Award earlier this year and are planning on having a go at agility this summer. Deciding to get a giant schnauzer was one of the best decisions we have ever made and finding Jim and Lesley has opened our eyes to what other breeders lack. Their level of care and support is second to none and they are always available for advice and guidance, even for the most simple of questions. The 'instruction book' that came with Lotte is our Bible and referred to constantly, especially the grooming tips. We will never be able to thank them enough for all the support they have given us.