'Ledley' Draxpark Sharpshooter
Owned by Lorraine & Philip in Bedford

Hi, we are Lorraine & Philip Pratt.
As almost complete novices at dog owning, let alone Giant Schnauzers, we were looking for a dog whose personality & character would lend itself to being the family pet. We wouldn't be showing or breeding from him but required a dog who would be able to cope with our respective work commitments. We were largely in the hands of the breeders (Lesley & Jim) to chose a puppy for us who they thought would fit the bill. Suffice to say that they made an inspired choice for us.
Ledley has lived with us since November 2007 and he has transformed our lives (for the better). Following some initial issues with him settling in with us, he has grown into a loving, devoted companion who even at his young age has demonstrated an ability to learn very quickly, especially where obedience is concerned. Basic commands were learnt at Pre-puppy school with Ledley currently being walked off the lead in a large park with no concerns regarding socializing with other dogs or recall.
Ledley is everything we hoped for in a pet, causing no concerns regarding eating, drinking, toileting or sleeping. He exhibits no evidence of separation anxiety being happy to be left in his crate for up to two hours at a time. Ledley does, however have a stubborn streak which does surface from time to time, In addition, he has a knack of being lightning fast when it comes to putting things in his mouth and sometimes swallowing them.
In summary, we are absolutely delighted with our Giant Schnauzer and cannot imagine life without him.

Ledley at Four Years Old.

Ledley is now approaching his fourth birthday and so an update is due. Firstly, it would only be fair to mention that Ledley is very protective of his home and family. This leads to a lot of bellowing at any uninvited guests who have the cheek to knock on Ledley's front door or even walk past Ledley's front garden. Ledley has not been allowed to claim the front door, moreover he is thanked for his efforts without making a big deal about it. This helps to settle things down quite quickly.

Ledley has also encountered pack protection issues with joggers whilst out walking. To be fair to Ledley we were subjected to a prolonged and threatening tirade of abuse from a jogger when he was very young and he hasn't forgotten about it. If we are startled by a jogger who seems to have appeared as if by magic, there is no great problem if Ledley is on his lead as the usual distraction rules apply. Ledley is let off his lead at times and places that are as jogger free as possible.

Ledley has had some problems with his diet in that he seemed to be hypersensitive to the so-called natural diets on the market. Patience and a sensitive dry food mixed with a small amount of tripe has kept Ledley at or around 45Kg since maturity. His weight and natural exuberance require firm handling at times.

Ledley has grown into our constant, loving companion who brings us joy and laughter every single day. He has a loving, affectionate and playful character who charms everybody he meets (joggers excepted). He socializes well with other dogs and loves chasing round the park with them (the bigger the better). Ledley also seems to benefit from some regular down time in his bedroom (the conservatory) where he recharges his batteries without any sign of separation anxiety.

Ledley loves travelling in the back of the car because this usually means more fun and games especially if we are going down to the boat. Ledley has adapted very well to life aboard ship especially as he is a bit of a water baby and loves to swim in the river.

In summary, thanks to Lesley and Jim's continued support we are the proud owners of a handsome, healthy, well- adjusted but mischevious Giant Schnauzer.
Lorraine & Philip Pratt.