'Max' - Draxpark Zut Alors
Owned by Tony & Vicky in Fareham

Being first time dog owners, we spent literally years researching what breed would be right for us, and when we came across Giants, we knew we had found the answer. After numerous e-mails and phone calls, we arranged to visit Lesley and Jim to meet their family of Giants, and the moment we did, we knew we had made the right decision.

Don't get me wrong, when there is a huge black teddy bear sitting in your favourite spot on the sofa, the thought may cross your mind that a chihuahua may have been a more convenient option, but what other dog could give such great big cuddles?!! Max causes much hilarity, along with the odd occassion where a telling off is needed. (Only problem being, you try telling him he's been naughty as he sits there with those big puppy dog eyes looking at you from beneath those big eyebrows. I guess we didn't like the stair carpet that much anyway, maybe by him chewing it he has done us a favour!!!)

Max has a definite mad streak.... favourite past times include chasing his own tail, taunting Tony for wrestling games and football games, helping with the washing by picking out various socks and garments of underwear and running around the garden with them, and trying to climb the fence to get on to the conservatory roof to play with Oliver the cat!

Max is also showing a keen interest in becoming a telecom engineer, loving to break in to the cupboard and stripping out all the BT cabling... thankfully a few weeks after we had swapped over to Virgin!! However, he also has an extremely lovable side, loving cuddles and kisses, as well as being protective.... more than once Max has sat on my feet to stop me walking towards people he hasn't liked the look of!!

One year on and Max is still mad, but in a slightly more controlled way (when he decides he wants to be!) He loves coming on holiday with us, (Cornwall and Ireland crossed off the list so far, Scotland soon to be added) and he is a fantastic traveller. He can be very willful but on the whole he follows commands and behaves! We certainly wouldn't want him any other way, and cannot thank Lesley and Jim enough for not only matching us up with our perfect companion, but also for all the support, help and advice they have provided to us on every giant related subject. They have given us the confidence and courage that we needed while bring up our first puppy, and we will always be grateful!