'Ronnie' Draxpark Highbury Gunner
Owned by Sheila & Julian in London

When we moved into our new home in Highbury we had planned to get a dog for many reasons: to get fit, go for long walks, good company and some security, to name a few. We had discussed the many breeds that we both loved and recalled our love of Giant Schnauzers with their grumpy granddad look. We had spotted one many years ago on Hampstead Heath and have loved the breed ever since.

We researched the breed well and the Giant Schnauzer ticked many boxes for us: they are good natured, intelligent, calm, quick to alert and the family protector. We collected Ronnie in November 2007 and he has proved to be all this and so much more and takes his role in the family pack very seriously. He is such a giant, gentle soul, has a great sense of humour, he is very cheeky and hours of fun. He has a list of favourite things which include, walks, the park, Highgate Woods, the seaside, his tennis ball, raggy toys, his weekend chicken supper, fresh bone from the butchers and stealing socks and shoes.

Julian and I can't imagine a time before Ronnie, he has brought a little sparkle into our lives with his warm personality and big heart, he has a great vocal range and is a big chatter box and is happiest sitting on the sofa in the evenings watching the TV, whether it be football highlights, movie or the Grand Prix and getting up occasionally to go and fetch his ball OR have a drink of water to "top up the tank". He is not so fond of dogs on TV, and it seems every TV show, movie and advert has a dog in it.

Ronnie has got a bit of a fan club here in Highbury and is loved by the neighbours, and gets stopped for pats all the time and questions about what kind of dog he is. When we go to Bob to get groomed we like to go for the trimmed look with "boot leg & skirt" and then let Ronnie grow out his coat for his raggy look and then back to the trimmed look again.

We also believe that large breeds like the Giant Schnauzer need to be kept going and supported as a breed and would recommend a Giant Schnauzer to anyone who has the time and dedication as the rewards are just beyond words and we feel that we are lucky to have such a wonderful dog.

We would like to thank Lesley and Jim for their devotion and hard work in breeding and raising such a wonderful litter of puppies with their beloved Jet ... Ronnie is a credit to their great breeding programme and early nurturing and we couldn't be happier with our choice in puppy and their support.