'Sky' Draxpark Sky Rocket
Owned by Lynn & Gordon in Leeds

Kennel Club Good Citizens Award - Bronze
Kennel Club Good Citizens Award - Silver

Gordon and I got the most beautiful Giant puppy from Draxpark at the end of October 2007. When I retired that same year I wanted an exercise plan and Sky certainly fits the bill. At nearly 6 months old Sky passed her Kennel Club Good Citizen's Bronze award: she was the youngest in the class, and at 12 months old she passed her Kennel Club Good Citizens' Silver award, so that is quite an achievement.
Sky has a lovely temperament and is a hugely extrovert character. Everyone who meets her finds her memorable in one way or another (the very waggy greeting, the muddy paw mark, the huge licks etc!). Everyone is interested to know what breed she is, whether she will grow more and all say what a beautiful coat she has. She is regularly likened to a great big teddy bear.
When she was little (7 kg) she was a bundle of mischief who kept us constantly on the go. She slept quite a lot but made the most of every waking second! - Phew! Glad that phase is over!
Thank the good Lord for dried pig's ears which stopped her chewing the whole house!
Now she is bigger (35 kg!!!) she is somewhat calmer but still sleeps a fair amount (10 hours a night in her crate and approx 4 separate hours, spaced out during the day in either the crate or sprawled around the house). She is a very lively, strong, handful. For me, at 5' 4 and 11 stone, she is quite a challenge to control on the lead if she forgets her training. We attend three different training classes weekly and find them invaluable for socialisation. I have been very fortunate that Gordon is an experienced dog trainer: Sky is my first dog so I am in training too!
Sky isn't a greedy dog but will do almost anything for a treat! She is a superb traveller so we can go anywhere with her. One of her most endearing and entertaining qualities is the way she lies down to eat and drink with one front paw at either side of the bowl this certainly causes great hilarity with visitors. She has several playmates who give her the exercise she badly needs on the local field, and she loves to go back to Lesley and Jim's to play with Tango and Frankie.
We are often exhausted by the end of the day but we love Sky and she is a constant source of both pleasure and entertainment.
We thank Lesley and Jim for a great addition to our family.
Lynn and Gordon McDonald
(Exhausted but happy OAPs)
5 March 2008